The single most sacred pilgrimage you will ever make is the one right where you are. ~Molly Kate Brown, Family Nurse Practitioner


Suniasol - Deep Listening

Suniasol is derived from sunia which is a Sanskrit word that means: the art of 'extreme deep listening’. It is listening with the entire being from the place beyond words, concepts, beliefs, and judgments. It is listening from the exquisitely still & quiet field within that underlies, unifies, and gives rise to all of existence. It is from this place that pure and unconditional love, trust, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness arise. It is a return to this place that ignites our deepest healing.

Molly Kate Brown, Family Nurse Practitioner


Located in Boulder, Colorado, Suniasol was founded by Molly Kate Brown. Molly is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her Master’s Degree from Regis University. Molly began taking care of patients in 1997. Her healthcare experience includes Cardiology/Telemetry, Urgent Care, Emergency Room, Student Health, and Integrative Psychiatry. She has been trained in Ketamine Assisted Treatment under the guidance of Dr. Will Vanderveer of Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Molly Kate Brown is the award-winning author of Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story. She is the Wellness Columnist and Feature Writer for Guide to Spiritual Living Magazine, and has been featured on Thrive Global. Her second book is in progress.

Molly is a transformational guide whose presence serves as a mirror for remembering the alchemical healing source within. Since 2002 she’s attended one or more yearly ten-day (and longer) silent meditation retreats. Her deepest inspiration arises from the eternal ground of profound silence and stillness within that ultimately underlies and gives rise to all-that-is. She is a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor who has led various retreats, including bringing meditation to the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

Molly’s passion is a partnership with patients and clients that serves as a foundation for deep self-inquiry, and the cultivation of tools that serves the journey of healing. This integrative approach to physical and/or psychological suffering is informed by her own journey with a life-altering autoimmune health opportunity and includes food as medicine, supplementation when warranted, lifestyle choices, addressing trauma and habitual mental patterns, mindfulness, microbiome (gut) health, chronic stress remediation, and community. Her practice is limited to those willing to play an active role in their healing.

Molly serves as a Transformational Guide, Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor, and Holistic Nurse Practitioner. She brings ancient wisdom to modern evidence-based practices to support a heart-centered journey to optimal wellness. Her passions include surfing, dancing, hiking, yoga, silence, writing, and the unfurling, ever-expansive journey of Self-remembering. She is blessed to live with her husband in Boulder, Colorado.