What We Do


Human Beings Are Equipped With Innate Healing Potential and a Wellspring of Powerful Wisdom

You are not a diagnosis.

You are not a “dis-ease” or a “chemical imbalance in the brain” requiring lifelong medication. You are not bound to a life of ill-health, anxiety, angst, or sadness. You are a profoundly unique being arising from the eternal ground of limitless potential that comes equipped with robust healing capacity. Suniasol’s mission is to empower you to live your optimal life.

Physical & Spiritual Crisis, Depression, Grief, Sadness, Anxiety, and other symptoms are just that: symptoms. Your body and spirit are equipped with innate intelligence designed to heal. We are profoundly lucky that our bodies tell us when something is awry. What we do with this information is up to us.

Medication is a tool that can get us through a rough spot. There are other deeper ways to meet the intelligence that the body is offering that take us into the roots of our suffering, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual (all one and the same at the most subtle fundamental level). It is there that we find the healing we seek.

Suniasol is a practice offering both Medical and Nonmedical Services

Non Medical Services

Suniasol partners with clients as a life, health, or wellness coach, transformational guide, or meditation & mindfulness mentor. Meeting you where you are, we partner to determine your goals, your aspirations. We then chart a course that enables you to achieve them. Together we explore what opportunities exist for clearing the path. With you in the lead, we navigate a course to thin the veil between you and what will most serve you. We work with ingrained (often unconscious) mental habit patterns and beliefs, as well as lifestyle modifications including food, gut (microbiome) health, stress remediation, movement, optimizing contentment (and joy), and community.

Medical Services:

As a medical practice Suniasol works with patients suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and PTSD. Our patients are not interested in medication-only treatments. Our patients are motivated to heal and play an active role in their healing. We partner with you, meeting you where you are. We work with food/nutrition, gut/microbiome health (90% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine receptors live in the gut so what we eat and our digestive health is of utmost importance), lifestyle modifications including meditation and mindfulness, stress remediation, sleep hygiene, and other factors. We use medications as a last resort, and will help you wean off of medications when appropriate.

We conduct a thorough history and intake, vital signs, a physical exam, an integrative and functional approach, conventional medical approach carefully and conservatively, lab testing when necessary, full medication prescribing privileges, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, nutrition supplementation for specific conditions, meditation and mindfulness instruction, and mind-body integration.

Initial appointments must be in person. Follow up appointments can be accommodated over Zoom or Skype.

Ketamine Assisted Treatment is available for patients suffering from Anxiety, Treatment Resistant Depression, and PTSD who meet certain criteria.